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The Top 25 of Auto on Info's High Mileage Rosters
by James Bleeker

Photograph of J. Bleeker's 1984 Toyota Corolla DX Hatchback
with 544,204 miles (875,811 kilometers) on 4 August 2010
See the entry below for additional information. This photograph may be acquired, subject to attribution reservations, at its highest resolution by going to  http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/File:1984ToyotaCorollaAt544204Miles907007Kilometers.jpg or http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1984ToyotaCorollaAt544204Miles907007Kilometers.jpg .

The following table should provide some guide as to what you may anticipate from both a manufacturer and a model with regard to frequency and likelihood of enduring performance. Note Toyota Motor Corporation's overwhelming dominance of high mileage vehicles, accounting for 15 of the top 25.

Year Model Cybernym of Owner and Location Mileage and Last Update Original Engine Original Transmission Original Air Conditioner
1987 Honda Accord LX Roger of Illinois, U.S.A. 633,256 on 2007-02-20 Yes Yes No
1989 Volvo 740DL DES of Massachusetts, U.S.A. 601,000 on 2006-01-11 No No Yes
1996 Toyota Tacoma pickup Magic Man Rod of California, U.S.A. 577,300 on 2008-09-28 Yes Yes Yes
1983 Toyota Celica ST otex4731 of Wisconsin, U.S.A. 571,913 on 2006-09-23 Yes Yes None
1978 Toyota Celica GT unspecified01 of Virginia, U.S.A. 553,264 on 2003-01-23 Yes Yes Yes
1984 Toyota Corolla jbleeker of Minnesota, U.S.A. 544,204 on 2010-08-04 Yes No2 Yes
1993 General Motors' GMC Safari boofman4 of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 529,193 on 2004-11-03 Yes No Yes
1998 Toyota Avalon Ed of Connecticut, U.S.A. 515,8293  on 2008-09-15 Yes Yes Yes
1990 Toyota 4Runner deadbeatdad of California, U.S.A. 510,0004  on 2006-01-01 Yes Yes No4
1983 Toyota Camry unspecified02 of Missouri, U.S.A. 500,536  on 2004-01-07 No Yes Yes
1990 Honda's Acura Integra Nancy of North Carolina, U.S.A. 500,167  on 2004-06-27 Yes No Yes
1991 Toyota Previa minivan flowers5 of California, U.S.A. 467,241  on 2006-01-29 Yes Yes Yes
1986 Toyota Camry Totster of Manitoba, Canada 462,425  on 2007-05-01 Yes Yes None
1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD MAC of Florida, U.S.A. 453,987  on 2003-11-03 Yes Yes Yes
1986 Toyota pickup Rosco of Massachusetts, U.S.A. 453,000 on 2005-01-11 Yes Yes None
1996 Ford Explorer squirrelmaster of Michigan, U.S.A. 444,156  on 2008-11-16 Yes Yes Yes
1996 Toyota Previa minivan rlawyer6 of Kentucky, U.S.A. 443,800  on 2006-01-19 Yes Yes Yes
1986 Toyota pickup billis77 of Nevada, U.S.A. 440,209 on 2002-11-29 Yes Rebuilt None
1993 Volvo 940 lane of South Carolina, U.S.A. 428,475 on 2003-02-03 Yes No7 Yes
1987 Toyota 4Runner jrod88k (no address provided) 425,811 on 2005-01-03 Yes No No
1988 Honda Accord Matt of California, U.S.A. 420,746  on 2005-01-07 Yes Yes Yes
1987 Toyota pickup spray of South Dakota, U.S.A. 417,300 on 2003-03-05 Unknown Yes Yes
1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD hyrax of Oregon, U.S.A. 417,000  on 2007-10-17 Yes Yes Yes
1987 Toyota pickup Tim of Louisiana, U.S.A. 413,397 on 2003-04-03 Yes Yes Yes
1985 BMW 325e Lotus-14 of California, U.S.A. 410,833 on 2004-07-16 Yes Yes Yes
1 Respondent's original comments: Still original engine, transmission and clutch. Original hoses too!!! I recently did my 100th oil change on this car. People ask me if I use any special kind of oil, and I tell them that I do. I only buy oil that comes with a rebate. It is a great car to drive.... She runs like brand new.
Respondent's final comments: Car officially retired and scrapped due to head gasket problems. This was the first (and last) mechanical problem in 23 years. It never left me stranded. Thank you Toyota.
2 Comments: The torque converter of the original automatic transmission expired at 478,943 miles and 21 years 1 month, on June 20, 2005.
Some component of the fourth piston broke in mid-March 2010 at about 542,500 miles. This resulted in reduction of pressure in the fourth piston to 50 psi and effectively the 4-cylinder vehicle is now a 3-cylinder vehicle. However, save for rougher idling and slower acceleration from stop, there appears to be little or no change.
3 Respondent's comments: Mobil 1 oil changes every 5K. Try to do most of the work myself. Changed 4 struts, wheel bearings and front hubs. It will need a new timing belt soon. It just keeps running.
4 Respondent's comments: I love this truck. It is the only vehicle I have ever bought new and at this rate it might be the only car I ever own. It has had the heads done once (dealer recall) and had one clutch installed about a year ago. Replaced distributor and AC compressor a little while ago, but aside from that it has been normal maintenance. No major repairs of any kind. The speedo cable broke almost a year ago and I have not had it replaced yet so consequently the odometer stopped working and I am guessing about where I am mileagewise. Should be pretty close to 510K based on my normal driving. An amazing car. I was pleased to see the gentleman here with 800K on his Toyota truck. I thought I was the only one. People ask me, "Are you STILL driving that truck?" and I tell them, "When it breaks I'll get a new one!" So far, knock on Japanese plastic...it starts every morning. Never let me down. Had to pull a guy out of the snow while I was on vacation last year. That made me feel good. He had a new Ford and he let out a good chuckle when I told him how many miles the truck had on it....
5 Respondent's comments: I am a florist, so I need a van that is dependable, and lasts a long time.
6 Respondent's comments: I absolutely love the quality, craftsmanship, mechanical aspects, visual aspects, dependability and reliability of my Previa soon approaching 444,444.
7 Respondent reported that the transmission was replaced at 412,000 miles.

Caution      Reliability is an important consideration when examining age and mileage for assessing durability. Some visitors have commented that parts replacements in a Big Three vehicle may keep it running longer than would be financially affordable for many.

Disclosure      Site manager is currently a very small shareholder of Ford Motor Company (2010-04-27). I am not, and have not been, a shareholder of any other motor vehicle manufacturer.

Auto on Info maintained a high mileage roster from 2001 to early 2009. The rosters are no longer online (save for the above roster of the top 25) and updates are no longer made.

A PDF file of this page is available for downloading.

Note      Although this site was created using software by Microsoft, you may encounter difficulty in downloading a PDF file from this page using Internet Explorer. However, with Mozilla Firefox, there should be no difficulty, and the download should be speedy. Also, with the Mozilla Firefox browser you will avoid IE's occasional distortion of visual elements.

AutoOnInfo.net: The auto-quality website with the Open Directory Cool Site Award.


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